About Marci

Marci Landis stared at the apartment building in the Bronx where she lived as a child. “I have some wonderful memories,” she tells her group of friends visiting New York.  “I remember bouncing up and down these stairs curious about the families who resided there.  I wanted to go into every apartment to see how differently each apartment was furnished.”

It was in New York where Marci developed a love of Real Estate at a very young age.  Because both her parents worked, she helped raise her younger sister. Requiring an entrance exam, Marci applied and was accepted to Music and Art High School.  She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan having studied fine arts – with a major and emphasis in textile and fashion design. Thereafter, Marci attended college, married and became the proud parent of three wonderful children.

From 1962 to 1978, Marci became Vice President and Company Officer of the National Recovery Bureau Inc. in Monsey, New York. She worked with computer programmers to set up mainframe systems and comprehensive business performance reports for hospitals, department stores, banks, and doctors’ offices.

A New Rhythm with a New York State of Mind

In 1979, Marci and her children relocated to South Florida. “I remember when we arrived at the Miami Airport.  I was now stepping into the shoes of a single parent.”

Marci began working in the mortgage industry. She became a loan officer, which was unusual at this time because females were traditionally loan processors – not loan officers. She kept telling herself, “I can do this. I can open my own business.”  She did.  After working for several different loan companies in both Dade and Broward Counties, Marci founded Landis Mortgage Financing, Inc.

Owning and operating one of the first  female-owned mortgage companies in Florida, (and one of the first in the United States) provided Marci with extensive knowledge and contacts in the banking and real estate markets in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Because of her experience at the National Recovery Bureau, Marci tailored and implemented  net worked computer systems at Landis Mortgage Financing,  Inc. that were unique to the mortgage industry and which enhanced all phases of the business from loan origination, processing and mortgage funding with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA.

In fact, Landis Mortgage Financing was computerized prior to the banking industry, which gave her company the edge over not only other mortgage companies but the banking industry itself. With her “female” point of view, Marci pioneered a color-coding system for forms which revolutionized the processing, record keeping and reports for other financial institutions as they followed her lead.

Marci’s Break Step

After years of success in the mortgage industry, Marci sold her company, Landis Mortgage Financing, Inc. With her children now on their own, she found it necessary to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. “For four months, I traveled to many third-world countries as I had a tremendous desire to connect directly with the people of the world. I was genuinely interested in learning about their financial challenges and their methods of coping with third-world economics. It proved to be a life-changing experience, and I returned with a renewed sense of hope and energy.  I also returned with many new relationships and wonderful stories.”

On her journey, Marci connected with a Tibetan monk from Thailand who helped take care of many orphans.  To contribute to their support, the orphaned children would make paper greeting cards from dried flowers and sell them.

Marci was so touched by these children, she decided to help. She brought back as many of the handmade cards as she could handle and introduced her grandchildren to assisting the less fortunate children of the world by selling the handmade cards and sending the proceeds back to the monk.

Tempo, Style, Balance and Back in Biz

Upon returning to South Florida, Marci felt the need to give back to her community.  She joined the Broward County Guardian Ad Litem program. As a volunteer for this court-appointed position, she was able to use her skills productively as an advocate for abused children in the court system.

Marci also developed a love for ballroom dancing.  Marci loved the style, form and beauty of the art. She also enjoyed the exercise, socializing and fun.  However, retirement was not for her.

Becoming restless after the sale of her long-term mortgage business and having traveled a good part of the world, Marci rolled up her sleeves and went back to work.

With her formal education in art and design — coupled with her hobby of space planning and interior design, Marci decided to embark on a related career — Real Estate.  With her skills in home staging, mortgage financing and credit repair, a career in Real Estate was a natural progression. “Having lived in South Florida for thirty-two years and having been an owner of a very successful mortgage lending corporation, I am familiar with the many facets and challenges of the South Florida Real Estate market.”

“I see a world of opportunity in making my clients financially secure.”

 With South Florida’s expanded inventory and her vast knowledge of the business, Marci will assist you to make sound decisions in your Real Estate transactions.